Upperclass Students

The George Washington University requires all first, second, and third-year students to reside on campus unless they are approved for a residency exemption. All rising second- and third-year students for the 2021-2022 academic year are required to live on campus unless approved for a residency exemption. There will be no additional requirements for students to live on campus during their enrolled fourth year after the university waived the campus living requirement for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Academic Year 2021-2022 Housing Rates


Application Opening Dates

Applications for housing for the 2021-2022 academic year opens on a rolling basis based on class year. This is not a first-come, first-serve application process. Once the application opens on your designated date and time, it will remain open 24 hours a day until April 30 at 4 pm EDT. 

General Timeline

  • April 21 - April 30: General housing application timeframe for students who did not participate in any of subcategories or who did participate and were notified they were not accepted into that category. 
    • Students with a last name A-M will be invited to apply the morning of April 21
    • Students will a last name N-Z will be invited to apply the afternoon of April 21
    • Students with a last name A-M will be invited to apply the morning of April 22
    • Students will a last name N-Z will be invited to apply the afternoon of April 22
    • Students with a last name A-M will be invited to apply the morning of April 23
    • Students will a last name N-Z will be invited to apply the afternoon of April 23
  • April 30: Applications will close to all students at 4 pm EDT
  • Week of May 10: All students who participated in the housing application process (those who applied earlier during the special population categories and  will receive their academic year 2021-2022 housing assignment.  

Upperclass Residence Halls

Students can review our 2021-2022 Upperclass Residence Halls by clicking the button below. 

2021-2022 Upperclass Residence Halls


It’s important to think about who you would like to live with and have a conversation with your potential roommate about your living options including desired room types and building options. More details about forming roommate groups will be provided in future emails. Please note there are limited single rooms available for students who do not have DSS-approved housing accommodations


As we continue to plan for our students to return to campus, please understand that we may need to adjust our planning based on new information as safety, care, and our commitment to fulfulling our academic mission will guide our decisions. 

If you have questions, please contact the CLRE office at 202-994-2552 or email [email protected]. Email continues to be the best way to contact us as the university remains virtual this spring. We are excited to be able to welcome back our students to campus. We have missed our active and bustling student community and are looking forward to seeing more of you very soon. 


Upperclass Eligibility

Pursuant to GW's Residency Requirement, all upperclass students designated by Campus Living and Residential Education (CLRE) as being rising 2nd-year or 3rd-year students continue to be bound to live in on-campus housing. 

Rising 4th-year students may participate and apply for on-campus housing, but are not required to do so.  GW cannot guarantee all rising 4th-Year students will be offered on-campus housing. However, in most years, GW has been able to offer a housing assignment to every student who has submitted an application.  If a rising 4th-year student applies for and is later assigned to on-campus housing, they are bound to the terms and conditions of the Housing License Agreement.  


A student, as they complete an online application for GW on-campus housing, is required to review and affirm all of the terms and conditions of the Housing License Agreement (HLA).  This legally binding document outlines the expectations and requirement of students living in GW on-campus housing.  Important dates are defined in this document, as well as many policies which govern a student's rights and responsibilities. 

Students and their families can access a copy of the Undergraduate Housing License Agreement

Any GW student can request a translated copy of a Housing License Agreement by emailing GW CLRE at: [email protected].  We are happy to provide translated copies in the following languages:  Arabic, Mandarin, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, or Spanish. 

To live off-campus, students will be required to request and receive an exemption. 1st and 2nd year students are required to meet specific criteria  and submit supportive documentation to receive an exemption. 3rd year students may apply through a separate exemption process which does not require any documentation.

Students with specific disability-related needs, may request consideration for an accommodation with their housing assignment. To receive such an accommodation, students must first complete their registration with Disability Support Services (DSS) prior to the housing selection process to ensure that we are able to accommodate their housing needs.

Students are only permitted to cancel their Housing License Agreement (HLA) if they are leaving the university or per the terms and conditions of the HLA. More information can be found on the Request to Cancel Housing page.

All students should review their Student Account to ensure they do not have a financial hold. Students with a financial hold will not be able to apply for housing until 24 hours after the hold has been removed by Student Accounts. 

Reapplication Timeline

The housing process for 2021-2022 has not been determined.This page will be updated when more information is available. 


Students can start the application process and can start to form groups through their Campus Living e-Services portal


Group Leaders, now select building and room type preferences on behalf of the group. 

Students part of a group do not need to do anything at this time.


Fill Process assignments are released

Groups who recieve a housing assignment are finished

Groups who do not recieve will have to apply during the Fit Process starting March 10th. You will have the option to change change your group. 


The housing process for 2021-2022 has not been determined.This page will be updated when more information is available. 


Students can begin the application process, form, reform, or leave groups through their Campus Living e-Services portal


Group Formation Period ends

Students who do not complete a group prior to this deadline will have to apply as an individual.


Group Leader Preference rooms (group members do not need to do anything)


Room Preferences Submission period ends

Any student or group who doesn't complete room preferences will be placed randomly, and may have their group disbanded to be assigned.


Fit Process assignments released

Students who do not receive an assignment will be placed on the housing waitlist



*These dates have been updated on 3/31/20*
Tuesday, March 31st, 10:00 am

Students applying as an individual may create an application and preference rooms

Tuesday, April 14th  

5:00 pm

Individual applications and Room Preferences Submission period ends


Thursday, April 23rd

Fit Process assignments released

Students who do not receive an assignment will be placed on the housing waitlist


Reapplication Processes

There are very few single rooms available for students who do not have DSS-approved housing accommodations. It’s important to think about who you would like to live with and have a conversation about the groups living options including desired room types and building options.  

What does the new reapplication process mean for groups? 

Groups will have two time periods to apply for housing, based on their based on their circumstances: 

  • Fill Phase: If the group is interested in filling the entire space they will apply during the Fill Phase which occurs first. Groups during this phase will only be able to preference rooms that are of the same size as their group. For example, a 4-person roommate group will only be able to preference to fill a 4-person rooms.  A 2-person roommate group will have priority to fill a 2-person rooms.
  • Fit Phase: If the group is not interested in filling an entire unit, or does not receive an assignment during the Fill Phase, they will participate in the Fit Phase which occurs after the Fill Phase. Groups at this point will be able to preference any room size their group will fit into. For example, a 3-person roommate group will be able to preference 3-, 4-, and 5-person rooms. 

How to Become a Roommate Group When Applying 

  • The roommate group needs to select a leader that will be in charge of requesting all other members of the group using RMS IDs and selecting buildings and room types
  • The roommate group leader should be the member with the highest class year. The higher the class year of the leader, the higher the preference in assignments will be
  • All members of the group do not need to be the same class year in order to apply together. However, when applying for housing, each member of the group will have to accept the roommate group invitation. You can only be a member of one roommate group, and only group leaders can choose building and room type preferences. 

The Order We Process Applications Based on Class Year

  • All Senior Group
  • Senior Group Leader with Juniors or Sophomores 
  • All Junior Group
  • Junior Group Leader with Sophomores
  • All Sophomore Group


Upperclass students who choose not to form or become part of a group of students, can participate as an individual student.  An individual can choose to consider one of GW's Upperclass Special Housing Options or they can participate as part of the Upperclass Fit Process.

As an individual participating in the Upperclass Fit Process, you are applying to "fit" into any available unit on campus including those that may already be partially assigned to other students. For example, a 4-person unit, can fit two students applying as a pair (a formed group) and also two individual students, each applying for their own housing.

It is important for a student to understand, choosing to participate and apply for housing as an Individual does not mean that they are solely applying for single housing accommodations.  For the upcoming Upperclass Reapplication Process, South Hall is the only location where a single bedroom option is avaiable.

Available Housing Options

The following properties and locations house specific Fraternities and Sororities:

Small Greek Townhouses

  • 603 22nd Street NW - Zeta Beta Tau
  • 605 21st Street NW - TBD
  • 605 22nd Street NW - Kappa Alpha Order
  • 607 22nd Street NW - TBD
  • 2208 F Street NW - TBD
  • 2121 F Street NW - Alpha Epsilon Phi
  • 2123 F Street NW - Kappa Phi Lambda
  • 2206 F Street NW - Sigma Psi Zeta

Strong Hall

  • 2nd Floor - Kappa Alpha Theta
  • 3rd and 4th Floors - Pi Beta Phi
  • 5th and 6th Floor - Chi Omega

Building JJ

  • Kappa Sigma

Townhouse Row

  • Townhouse A - Sigma Chi
  • Townhouse B - Alpha Phi
  • Townhouse C - Beta Theta Pi
  • Townhouse D - Sigma Kappa
  • Townhouse E - Kappa Delta
  • Townhouse F - TBD
  • Townhouse G - Sigma Delta Tau
  • Townhouse H - Alpha Delta Pi

Specialty Townhouses

  • 522 22nd Street NW - Cisneros House

Full Learn More About the Greek Property/Locations Details


**Due to a lack of availability, single apartments and single units with private bathrooms will not be available as a room preference on the general housing application. **


Special Housing Options

Affinity Housing presents the opportunity for GW students to define and create their own living community around their particular needs and interests.  This is a great opportunity for registered student organizations, athletic groups, and academic groups to live together, but Affinity groups are not required to be tied to organization or department. 

Affinity Coordinator Email
Allied in Pride and AQWA Zhangzhu Wan [email protected]
Bandfinity Emma Marszalek [email protected]
Business Pros Alex Kakadiaris [email protected]
Casa Blanca Michelle Luse [email protected]
Feminist Student Union Maddie Sullivan [email protected]
Frisbee Olivia De Lorenzo [email protected]
Global Connections Laura Kiker [email protected]
Honors Ben Faulkner [email protected]
Muslim Women Farhana Alam [email protected]
Sustainability Sabrina Godin [email protected]
Women of Color Kamiah Brown [email protected]


These residential communities work closely with faculty to bring the classroom experience into the residential setting and encourage a supportive environment for students in which to live and study.



George Washington Williams House

The George Washington Williams house is managed by both the Division for Student Affairs and MSSC. Students interested in living in this small townhouse should contact Fraternity & Sorority Life at [email protected] or the building’s House Manager, Sara Smith at [email protected].




University Honors Program - District House

Students who are members of the University Honors Program and are interested in living in this community or would like more information should contact Ben Faulkner at [email protected].

The George Washington University, part of its on-campus housing, operates and maintains a number of small Townhouses and residential properties that are allocated to GW Fraternities and Sororities recognized by GW Fraternity & Sorority Life.  Each sponsoring organization identifies a Greek House Manager, who serves as a liaison between GW campus offices, their GW chapter and membership.

Upperclass students are eligible to reside in on-campus Greek Housing after they are initiated as a member of the organization (after their intial semester as a new member).  A GW student interested in residing in on-campus Greek Housing should express their interest directly to their Greek House Manager.  Similar to the Upperclass Reapplication Process, the Greek House Manager will serve as the Group Leader for their organization.  As Group Leader, they will invite students affiliated with their Chapter to complete an online Housing Application. 

In accordance with each sponsoring organization's Chapter Constitution or By-Laws, the Greek House Manager will be responsible to determine the specific room assignment and roomate groups (if applicable) for all invited members that have completed an online Housing Application.  The Greek House Manager processes housing assignments under the direction of GW Campus Living and Residential Education staff.  Once assigned to on-campus Greek Housing, a student is bound to the Undergraduate Housing License Agreement for all GW on-campus housing.   

There are several Greek organizations who have townhouses within the George Washington University campus. Approximately eight to 30 students live in each chapter house. Chapter listings are subject to change annually.

February 24th, Monday Greek House Managers granted access to assign students to properties/locations
March 17th, Tuesday Greek Housing Assignments Released


Campus Living will offer a limited number of Fall Only housing license agreements for the 2019 Fall semester. Students who are studying abroad in the Spring of 2020 or graduating at the end of the fall term should apply for a Fall Only license term. This application option is available to rising third- and fourth-year students only.

  • Fall Only Applications will be available March 4-7
  • Students who apply for a Fall Semester Only lease may not also apply for an academic year license agreement.
  • Fall Only housing will be offered in 1959 E Street.
  • Students may preference roommate(s) by using RMS IDs on their online application.
  • All roommate requests must be completely mutual to be considered.

Students applying for a Fall Semester Only lease will be notified via e-mail of their room assignment on March 19. Information can also be viewed by logging onto GW Housing e-Services.

Campus Living & Residential Educations, and the Office for Study Abroad have partnered to offer the Focus on Fall Abroad Community (FOFAC).  This living and learning community is made up of students who studied abroad during the fall semester and return to campus for the spring semester of the same year to live with other study abroad returnees as well as exchange students. Participants in this program will be offered housing in 1959 E Street upon their return for the 2021 Spring semester.

Important Dates

You must apply to join the Focus on Fall Abroad Community by early February on the Office for Study Abroad website.

February, 24th - March, 3rd 10:00 am: Application period for FOFAC participants

Students wishing to cancel their FOFAC housing must do so by the published deadlines. If a student drops out of the FOFAC program after the published housing cancellation deadlines, they will still be required to live on campus.

Spring-Only License Agreements afford rising third- and fourth-year students who are studying abroad in the Fall of 2019 and not participating in the FOFAC program or who simply wish to reside on campus for only the spring semester the opportunity to select a one-semester license agreement.

Students who apply for a Spring Only agreement may not also apply for an academic year agreement.

Students may preference roommate(s) by using RMS IDs on their online application. All roommate requests must be completely mutual to be considered. A student applying for Spring Semester Only housing is not able to live with a student applying for full academic year housing.

The application for Spring Only housing will be available beginning in early November 2019.

Students who wish to cancel their assignment may do so within the published deadlines.

Upperclass Reapplication Resources

Understanding how Class Level is used by CLRE

Housing eligibility is based on class year at GW, not on academic credits. Students can view their class year on Campus Living e-Services

What does a "Rising Class" refer to?

"Rising Class" indicates what class year a student will be in the next academic year. 

What is an RMS ID Number?

Each student is assigned a unique RMS ID by Campus Living. Students can view their RMS ID on Campus Living e-Services. Your RMS ID will be used to form your roommate group during the Housing Reapplication process. 

Please note that a student's RMS ID Number is different from their GWId.

Picking Your Roommates

Things to consider in picking your roommates and planning for housing assignment process

  • Have a conversation with your fiends about what it means to live together, spending more time together and splitting up responsibilities. 
  • What halls are you interested in living in and what room types, traditional rooms, studio apartments, full apartments etc. 
  • If your top choice is not available what is your second preference, are you willing to divide up into smaller roommate pairs in order to stay together. Most of the spaces on campus are 4-person and 2-person units. 
  • You do not have to have roommates selected when you start the housing application, many students don't choose to identity roommates and are happily paired with others in the same situation. 
  • We have multiple rates for rooms on campus and it can be helpful to be honest about which room rate is the most affordable for you and your roommate(s)

To assist students with identifying other GW students who may be seeking to form a Roommate Group, CLRE has partnered with RoomSync, an online Roommate search tool. Through this service, students will answer lifestyle questions and be shown potential matches. They are then able to chat with them and confirm if they would like to match with that roommate. Once students have matched, they should exchange RMSID numbers so that they can make their roommate selection on the housing application.


By following the appropriate link below, a student can enter RoomSync and use the site to search among only other GW students as one way to find possible roommates. 

Upperclass students: will not have access to RoomSyn to seek out roommates. 

First-Year and Transfer students:  Roomsync will send a link to access this service to incoming students' GW email address around May 11, 2021, or once they have deposited with the university., which will allow them to login to RoomSync if they are looking for a roommate. 

GW Campus Living and Residential Education (CLRE) offers to students who are considering and who are residents of on-campus housing, an online Self-Services tool, for many of the administrative tasks that relate to living on campus.  Students are able to log into the Campus Living e-Services Portal by using their GW NetID and password, the same login credentials used to access their @gwu.edu email. Some of the tasks a student can complete are:

  • Submit an online Housing Application
  • Complete a Resident Self Check-In
  • Submit to Request a Housing Cancellation
  • Submit a Residency Exemption Request
  • Upgrade a Meal Plan Upgrade
  • Complete a Room Condition Report form
  • Request Proof of Residency
  • and much, much more.

If a GW students' personal property is stolen or damaged in their residence hall room, it can cost them a lot of money, time, and frustration to replace. With this in mind, the University recommends that students insure their own personal property. Such personal property may be covered under a parent/guardian's existing homeowners' or renters' insurance, but should be checked and verified in writing by the Homeowner's insurance representative.  However, too often the deductibles of such coverage plans may not provide a student with "usable" insurance for a loss that could occur on campus, and students and their families only realize this after a loss event occurs.  Alternatively, supplemental college renters' insurance can be purchased from several national commercial carriers that provide insurance tailored for University students living in residence halls on-campus, off-campus, and when studying abroad around the world.   

A College Renters Insurance is available through GradGuard, a third-party insurance provider tailored to the Higher Education marketplace, that provides comprehensive coverage personal property insurance for all your college essentials.  GW students, now as part of the online application process for on-campus housing, will be given the option to explore and consider what coverage may best protect their personal property as they complete and submit their online housing application and also through the Campus Living e-Services portal.  

GW students choosing to live off-campus or study abroad, can also explore options and receive a free quote from GradGuard via a GW dedicated website.

Note: The George Washington University does not endorse any insurance company and is not responsible for loss of or damage to the personal property brought into the residence halls by the student or their invited guests. It is each GW students' own responsibility to protect their personal property.  Students interested in pursuing such insurance should contact an insurance company directly for additional information.