Fall Move-Out

All Fall residential students will receive an email the week of October 18-22, 2021 with information regarding important details for the upcoming Winter Break period. Students who need Winter Break or Spring Early Arrival Housing will be required to request that by Thurs. Dec. 9 at 5p.m. EST.

Students Not Returning for Spring 2022

All students who will not be returning for spring 2022 on-campus living must vacate their space by Wed. Dec. 23rd at 12p.m. EST. All residents are still required to complete their COVID requirements until their move out from campus. Please make sure to have all personal items removed from the room. Any items remaining in your room will be donated or discarded. 

Students Staying for Winter Break

If you remain in the residence hall during winter break you will be required to follow all campus COVID-19 guidelines and policies, including testing, symptom monitoring, and mask wearing. 

Students Not Staying for Winter Break 

Students who will not be staying on campus for the duration of the winter break period are required to depart campus by Wed. Dec. 23rd at 12p.m. EST. The residence halls will re-open on Sat, Jan. 8th at 9a.m. EST, unless approved for Spring Early Arrival.


Fall Move-Out Dates

All University residence halls will close on

December 23, 2021 at 12 PM

Fall 2021 Move-Out


  • If you are will not be returning for spring 2022 housing and have not cancelled your spring housing, submit a housing cancellation form to Campus Living & Residential Education.
  • Ensure you understand the room departure, "broom clean" and key return requirements for move-out. If everyone in your room is moving out, the entire room should be left in broom clean condition. If you are the only roommate moving out, your space within the room must be left broom clean. If you have questions about the broom clean policy, please talk with your Resident Advisor.
  • Update your permanent and current address information in GWeb.
  • Make plans for storage and/or shipping services for your belongings. By shipping your packages from FedEx and UPS, rates will be approximately 20 to 60 percent lower than using other carriers. You may take advantage of these savings for personal shipping by visiting GW Mail and Package Services located at 2025 F St., NW, at Foggy Bottom. 
  • Complete your GW financial and registration transactions before you depart campus.

Your Room

  • Make sure that your room is "broom clean", this means all personal items have been removed, the floor is clear, there is no missing furniture, the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and microwave are empty, and the cable box and remote control are present.
  • Return any mailbox keys to Key Depot.
  • If you need a moving cart, they will be available to check-out at Amsterdam Hall or one of your neighborhood resource hubs

Final Tips

  • Do not pack items in black or other garbage bags.  These items may be mistaken for trash and items taken to the dumpsters cannot be retrieved.
  • The university is not liable for personal items left behind and any items left after you move-out will be considered abandoned and discarded.
  • After move-out, GW Staff will visit all rooms where a student has moved out to ensure that they have been left in broom clean condition and students will be notified if they are being charged for any damages or housekeeping.
  • If you’re graduating, consider obtaining an alumni GWorld Card and stay in touch with your alma mater through the Alumni Online Community.

When you move out of your room, please make sure to leave it in a “broom clean” condition; an industry standard in residential facilities management. This means:

  • All furniture is returned and remains in the room.
  • All personal items are removed from the room including all drawers, closets and cabinets.
  • All trash removed from the room. 
  • Remove any items or decor from walls carefully. 
  • All perishable items to be removed. If you want to donate any unwanted unopened and non-perishable items to the Store, there will be a box provided to you in the lobby of the building. 
  • Clear and clean floors. 
  • Turn off all lights. 
  • Close and lock all doors and windows. 
  • Close all blinds and/or curtains. 
  • Check that faucets and showereheads are not running and/or dripping, toilets are not running, and that the radiators are not leaking. 

Want to know more about what Broom Clean is? Check out this video or these pictures!

Not Broom Clean

Still have questions?  Please contact your Community Coordinator.

Please submit a FIXit request today for any maintenance concerns in the room. 

Once all residents have moved out, rooms will be inspected a final time and fees may be assessed and placed on your student account for the following:

  • damage to the room beyond normal wear-and-tear
  • not leaving the room in broom clean condition
  • not returning room or mailbox keys


  • $250 per resident fee for additional cleaning*
  • $150 fine for improper checkout fee (charged to any student who has not moved out by their designated deadline, and was not previously approved for Extended Stay Housing)
  • $75 per key for missing or unreturned room and mailbox keys
  • Charges for damages to the room are assessed based upon the extent of the damage and is divided by the number of residents assigned to the space
  • If a room has damages, the cost for repairing that damage will be split equally between the roommates unless one person takes responsibility for that damage

*The broom clean charge is a per student fine, it is not the cost of removing items and cleaning the room.

Students will be notified via their GW email address if any move-out charges have been assessed.

As students are cleaning and packing, please consider taking advantage of our Green Move-Out program, which provides students an opportunity to donate their unwanted items to non-profit organizations in the DC area. 

Appeal Process

For students who are assessed a damage charge or broom clean fine, there is an appeal process:

  • All students who wish to appeal a charge must appeal individually, one student cannot appeal on behalf of an entire room.
  • Appeals based solely on the fact that a student was not the last person to move-out of the room will not be granted.
  • Students should utilize their HM, CC, or AC to record any issues within their space that they do not believe they are responsible for prior to leaving. NOTE: Requesting staff to record this information does not guarantee that you will not be charged.

All communication regarding move-out charges will be sent to your GW email account.

Move-Out Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have to move out by?

For Fall 2021, all residence halls close on Thursday, December 23rd at 12pm (noon) EST, unless approved by Campus Living & Residential Education for Winter Break housing

Can I check out a blue cart?

If you need a blue cart to assist with your move out from campus, please stop by Amsterdam Hall Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm or your neighborhood resource hub before 12am (midnight). Should you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to CLRE at [email protected] or by calling 202-994-2552 between Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm.

What should I do with my mailbox keys if I am not returning in Spring 2022?

Return your mailbox keys to the Foggy Bottom Key Depot

Keys cannot be returned via mail - make sure to return all room and mailbox keys prior to leaving campus!!

What if I am moving out, but one or more of my roommates are still here; do I have to clean the whole room/apartment?

Your individual space needs to be clean and all personal items must be removed before you depart (i.e., desk, dresser, closet, bed, trash removed).  Additionally, equitable space in all common areas should be cleaned as well (kitchen, bathroom, hallways).

How do I get my mail and packages once I have moved-out?

If you anticipate continuing to receive mail at GW, please ensure that you have updated your forwarding address in Banweb by April 15th. Also change your address for any banking, credit card, or subscriptions you receive. Mail forwarding adds additional time to the amount of time it will take for you to get your mail.